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 Stuck On Validation?, Read This Before You Post
Sonic Flash
 Posted: Dec 31 2009, 04:13 PM


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If you are still stuck on Validation, having problems trying to activate your account, hence are you trying to re-send activation instructions to your e-mail and it won't come through?


You must have an e-mail that you are the owner of and can log in to. You must not use an e-mail that's not your own e-mail. Using an e-mail that belongs to someone else is beyond the rules. If we find out you are using an e-mail that other people are the rightful owners of, then you will not be approved, hence you will be deleted. We reserve every right to contact you through your e-mail address, asking if it's really you. If we get replies saying that they never registered there, you'll be gone. You have to prove it's really you.
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