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 The Idiots Guide For Getting A Free No-ip Domain, with Dns (A)
 Posted: Jul 21 2008, 08:43 AM

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The idiots Guide for getting a Free No-Ip domain, with Dns (A)

Benefits of this guide:

Instead of having a domain like: you could have
A much nicer looking domain like
No more web redirects and horrible URL cloaking
Encourage more members to join your board
Give a more professional and personal feel to your forum
And best of all its free!

To start off

1. First of all you need to register for (this is the easy part trust me )

2. Once you have registered Log in to your account on the left hand side of the website you should see a menu named "Your NO-IP", on this menu you should see things such as Hosts/Redirects and Plus Manged DNS etc.

3. Expand Hosts/Redirects by clicking on the link, this should bring up a sub menu. You need to click add this is the part where you get to choose and set up your website URL.

Setting up your Domain Part 1, Hostname Information

1. Ok you should see a bunch of boxes you need to fill in, The first one will probably appeal to you the most hostname: this is when you choose the name of your board for example: chatplace

2. Underneath the hostname box you should see a dropdown box with a list of URL extentions, its entireley your choice which one you choose. Personally i like the URL extention.

3. Host Type: select DNS Host (A)

4. IP Address: The IP address in the box will automatically be set to your IP address, you need to change this to the IP addres to which server you are on.

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